Hydrogenated water peeling

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Hydrogenated water is an alkaline water which can effectively improve the oily skin of acne. It can penetrate into skin cells, and effectively remove excess aging factors (free radicals) in the body, remove reactive oxygen species and convert harmful components into water, completely transform them into completely harmless water, and remove harmful active acids, a the same time replenish moisture (the instrument has a hydroelectric function to help the skin to punch holes, and it is easier to add water to the skin.




1.White / Black heads removal
4.Skin Reproduction
5.Keratin Removal





2 steps of treatment for acne and pregnant women:

Face 200 zł

Face + neck  250 zł

Face + neck + decolletage 300 zł


4 steps of treatment (cleaning with anti-age treatment:

Face 250 zł

Face + neck  300 zł

Face + neck + decolletage 350 zł